Work on the salmon project for the California RiceCommission, Monday, February 6, 2023.

Who We Are

With support from a diverse group of funding organizations, the California Rice Commission is leading an effort to conduct the necessary science and field testing to strategically manage rice fields located within flood bypass areas to provide optimal habitat benefits to the four runs of Chinook Salmon that are dependent upon the Sacramento Valley watershed.  We are specifically targeting the natural-origin or “wild” salmon that volitionally access the floodplain when the Sacramento River spills into the floodplain through weir operations.  We have a particular interest in helping spring-run and winter-run which are listed as threatened and endangered, respectively.  The bulk of the scientific fieldwork is being conducted by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and is being funded through an agreement between the California Rice Commission and the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Critical matching funds are being provided by a coalition of donors listed in the Sponsors section of this website.

The California Rice Commission appreciates the collective efforts of the state and federal resource agencies, researchers, conservation partners, donors and our growers who are all rallying together in this ambitious new initiative to help salmon in the Sacramento Valley.

Our Mission

The overall mission of the California Rice Commission, working with its dedicated project partners, is to develop and implement a proven annual management practice that will optimize habitat conditions for natural-origin salmon accessing rice fields located within the active floodplain areas of the Sacramento Valley. 

Meet the Team

Paul Buttner
Paul Buttner
Andrew L. Rypel, Ph.D.
Andrew L. Rypel, Ph.D.
Derrick Alcott
Carson Jeffres
Alexandra Wampler
Peter Aronson
Emily Mench
Emily Patterson
Steve Neader
Rachelle Tallman
Jacob Montgomery
Mike DeWit
Mike DeWit
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