Week of January 23, 2023 

The flood­ing lev­els of the fields was begin­ning to sub­side and expect­ed to become acces­si­ble for work by the mid­dle of fol­low­ing week as the bypass con­tin­ues to slow­ly drain.  The UCD Team was able to begin some ini­tial sein­ing activ­i­ty by the end of this week. The Team also deployed lab-reared fish into cages on a sup­port field out­side of the bypass (known as the “dry-side”) field this week.  This dry-side field is used large­ly to grow a set of fish for our lat­er JSATS teleme­try work and to add some “insur­ance” to the JSATS ele­ment of the pro­gram in the event lat­er bypass flood­ing might occur and inter­fere with the opti­mum study con­di­tions than just a sin­gle flood/drain sce­nario would pro­vide.  The UCD Team also made plans to resume more PIT-tag­ging of lab-reared fish the fol­low­ing week and per­form pathol­o­gy test­ing in advance of the planned release of fish into the project field in the sub­se­quent week(s). 

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