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Fish Surgeries to Insert Micro-transmitters into the Salmon.

surgically inserting tag into a small salmon

Event Date:  April 24, 2019 Purpose:  Now that this fish have grown to taggable size, the UC Davis science team carefully performs a surgical procedure to each fish to insert the micro-transmitters.  This is an acoustical device called a Juvenile Salmon Acoustical Telemetry (JSAT) tag. These JSAT tags will interact with an array of special…

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Deployment of Last Cages and Telemetry Fish Introduction into Cages

protective cages prepared for deployment into the flooded fields

Event Date:  March 14, 2019 Purpose:  Last phase of work to place protective cages out in the flooded bypass (due to the regional bypass flooding) and the introduction of the last of the young salmon that will be specially tagged to allow researchers to monitor their journey towards the Golden Gate.  They will be tagged…

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Deploying Protective Cages for Telemetry Fish

fish cages being transported to the shoreline

Event Date:  March 4, 2019 Purpose:  Placing protective cages out in the flooded bypass (due to the bypass rice fields being extensively flooded in 2019) to prepare for the introduction of juvenile salmon that will receive special telemetry tags enabling researchers to track their progress towards the Pacific Ocean.  They will then grow to a…

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Preparing the Fields and Drainage Channel

Clearing the channel through which fish will swim to the river

Event Date:  November 20, 2018 Purpose:  To do all the field work necessary to prepare the rice fields to be fish-friendly and to clean out the drainage channel leading out of the fields to provide good water flow for the salmon as they are headed towards the Tule Canal. Drainage Channel A critical feature of…

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Field Sites Selection

The project team surveying the Tule Canal.

Event Date:  October 30, 2018 Purpose:  For the core project team to visit candidate project sites and make a final section. Here are photos from the Conaway Ranch site that was ultimately selected for the 2018-19 pilot-scale project. Visiting the fish-friendly drain Visiting Tule Canal Once the fish exit the rice field they will enter…

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